My experience building an online store for dog-themed merchandise and streetwear that currently observes a customer retention rate of over 17.6% with 1,000+ active weekly sessions and a conversion rate of 1.97% every single day.

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Project Deliverables
Website Design
Branding Identity
Communication Design

My Role
Handling Production and Shipping
Managing Inventory
Textile Design

Project Context
Independent Project
Summer 2018 — 4 weeks
Team: Devansh Gandhi (Founder)

What is Woofcart?

In late 2018, I launched Woofcart, a dog lifestyle company that creates and markets gifts and apparel for dog lovers. Located in New Delhi, India, the company sells wholesale and retail and licenses the brand to numerous manufacturers in the pet, gift and home product industries. Primarily still recognized as an apparel company, Woofcart is quickly gaining recognition in the gift and pet markets.

Woofcart’s landing page.

Woofcart’s landing page.

The company’s success lies in its ability to deliver messaging that resonates with dog lovers. With clever and poignant sentiments, they remind us all how great it feels to be with our four-legged friends! The major ingredient in Woofcart as a company and each product individually, is capturing that remarkable feeling we as dog lovers have when we’re near dogs… they don’t even have to be our own! Here at Woofcart we often say, "we don’t sell products, we sell a feeling." The unique feeling of joy you feel in the presence of a dog!

Woofcart’s product catalog.

Woofcart’s product catalog.

Woofcart’s product page.

Woofcart’s product page.

Branding and Advertisement Design

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Woofcart Logo.png
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Textile Design

Here are some of the Woofcart bestsellers:

Dogs Before Dudes - Yellow.jpg
Dog Mom - Sky Blue.jpg
Pugs - Green.jpg
Doggo - Black.jpg
Hi - Red.jpg
Need A Dog - Navy Blue.jpg

What’s next?

It’s been 4 months since launch and I'm still running Woofcart all by myself — managing the back-end, front-end, logistics, and shipping. Woofcart currently observes a customer retention rate of over 17.6% with 1,000+ active weekly sessions and a conversion rate of 1.97% (more than the industry average on Shopify) every single day.

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In the next couple of months, I plan to introduce hoodies, sweatshirts, socks, and a bunch of other clothing. Woofcart has enabled me to use product design to build a brand, market it, and sell great products, backed up with design history and cognitive science. And I'm excited to see what's next!