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My experience building a system that enables doctors to understand the behavior of children with learning disabilities. Spectacle was awarded the Grand Prize at AngelHack and the team was invited to AngelHack’s HACKcelerator program in Silicon Valley.

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Project Deliverables
User Interface (Mobile)
User Dashboard (Web)
Branding Identity

My Role
UI/UX Design
User Flows
Animations and Visuals

Project Context
🏆 Grand Prize Winner
Summer 2017 — 24 hours
Team: Devansh Gandhi, Abhishek Biswal, Rohan Dhar

Design Challenge

Communication problems have always been considered a core feature of autism. Yet there are substantial and wide-ranging differences in how people with autism communicate. That reflects not only the inherent variability of the condition, but also the complexity of communication itself — encompassing the words we use, the order in which we use them, eye contact, facial expressions, gestures and other nonverbal cues. At AngelHack, we wanted to build a set of tools to tackle this problem.

We wanted to design a system to help children with autism better communicate with their parents. The system would sit in a tablet near the child. We wanted to use visual recognition, emotion analysis and real time video monitoring to help parents get to know how their special child is performing real time and over the course of a defined timeline. This data would serve as foundation for doctors to better understand behavioural traits of children with special needs.

Some rough ideas I sketched out before I started with the visual design for Spectacle.

Some rough ideas I sketched out before I started with the visual design for Spectacle.

User Interface Design

Spectacle’s AI periodically talks to the child and captures pictures of the child’s face (by intelligently making them face the device). The responses to the questions and the pictures contribute to analyzing the emotion of the child. With just a few periodical interactions, the AI captures actionable data and stores it for analytical usage by the parents as well as the doctor.

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User Dashboard Design

Consequently, all the data captured by the AI is made accessible to parents and doctors on Spectacle’s Dashboard along with the current state of the child. Additionally, the Dashboard helps parents keep a watch on their child when they’re away and/or have another person taking care of the child. This also serves as a database of the child’s behavior and emotions to assist doctors in inspecting any concerning prolonged patterns or mannerisms.

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Design Language and Branding

Spectacle uses web-safe colors for easy recognition by children.

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Conclusion and Outcome

Spectacle won the Grand Prize at AngelHack New Delhi. Additionally, our team was invited to AngelHack’s 12-week HACKcelerator program in Silicon Valley.

Sharing the winning moment with Rohan and Abhishek.

Sharing the winning moment with Rohan and Abhishek.

It was a good day. Team work made the dream work.

Working Demo