Why I love practicing design. Every day.


Devansh Gandhi

I’m a junior studying Interaction Design at the University of Washington, Seattle. Besides design, I’m interested in entrepreneurship, politics, and sports. Most recently, I was a Product Design Intern at Facebook where I was focused on designing for P2B conversations on Messenger. For Summer 2020, I will be returning to Facebook as a Product Design Intern.

I have spent countless nights writing code. Every hackathon I have been to has left me inspired and curious to learn more about design. The thrill of working on an idea and seeing it turn into something real is one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. The feeling of seeing something I envisioned appear on screen still seems magical, just as it did during the years I drew houses and flowers with MS-Paint. And the will to keep experiencing that magic is why I continue to practice design every day.

I believe that the projects I have worked on have been the highlight of my design journey. I have been influenced to constantly look for problems around me and solutions to them; for challenges like these are what drive me to work relentlessly through sleepless nights for hours on end. And I love every moment of them.

The dedication, eye for detail, and perseverance that designing has taught me, are accelerators in enabling me to achieve my goal of giving back to society and leaving my design footprint behind in this world.

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